Hello, I am Justin Archlone. I work as a manager officer in a local service provider company in our area. We provide different local services in town and also in neighbor cities. I graduated in University of Chicago with a major in Business Administration and Masters in Administration. I am single and I lived alone in Houston. My family and relatives are in Chicago and I just took a liberty to pursue my goals outside our state. I am happy and very satisfied with the results I gain. Being a managing officer is a great privilege where I can share my knowledge and lead a others through my experience.

It is a big challenge for me as I am a new guy in town, but as I take upon the challenge I learn and grow as well. It helps me develop several skillsets where I can also share to my team members. A very heart warming and big satisfaction when we can deliver the best output and make our clients happy and satisfied. It is the most reward we can get.

Being in the service provider industry is not an easy task. From officers down to the staffs and workers, we all give our 100% effort and it does take a lot of work and learning in the process. Though one important lesson I learned is that, we should stay compose, calm and patient at all the times. We have experience different types of client with different service they need. Most of them are happy and others are just with an attitude.

I highly recommend to my friends and family that if they need something to be done, and they could not handle it themselves or not sure how to, instead of trying it they should hire professional service providers. It can save them time and the best part is the can save money and the work is done perfectly and professionally. Quality over money is what makes us service providers gain the trust of people around us. We do and deliver the work properly and effectively.